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My name is Shawn Borsky.

I am an interface designer, web designer, intermediate front-end developer, entrepreneur, gamer, crocheter , coffee-drinker, non-smoker , amateur chef, and I love designing stuff.

I am currently a Senior Visual Designer at HotelTonight, where I spend my time rocking out designs for interface, web, e-mail, marketing and more to support one of the best and most revolutionary multi-platform products in the mobile travel space.

I welcome you to Design by Coffee . It is my personal weblog of thoughts, projects, insights, asides and loves.

By Coffee?

Me and Coffee go way back. How far back I can’t actually remember. But, I am no connoisseur or snob of the stuff. I have a camaraderie with coffee and as such I do my best to love it in all its forms. For me coffee is both literal and metaphorical. As friends or colleagues will tell you, I drink more coffee than any one person should. I have even heard its good for you. However,  I imagine 2+ pots a day is too much, but I digress. Coffee has become much more than a drink or a delivery mechanism for caffeine. It is a productivity tool : a comfort and a simple pleasure. So it is that coffee contributes to my design as much as Photoshop, my sketch pad or any other tool at my disposal.

I find that coffee penetrates all areas of my design career in important ways. Having a coffee with someone is a comfortable door into new partnerships. Not everyone drinks coffee but few despise it.  So as I sip my coffee and write my thoughts I hope you too will find my words both simple and inviting. That you see them at  times to be rich and complex, perhaps comforting and sweet, or something delightful that you didn’t expect but always a welcome experience.

Design Career

If you are curious about my design career or portfolio you can check those out here:


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