Contact Me

Bay Area Coffee

I love to talk to people. I really love getting coffee with people. If you are in the Bay area, shoot me an e-mail and we will enjoy a cup together. Its on me.

Let’s Talk

I’d love to chat about most anything.
But to help you out.  Here is a list of common things I talk to most folks about.

  • Feedback or ideas on the site.
  • Support for Indie Game or Writing I love supporting indie game projects and aspiring authors. Check out my Kickstarter profile.
  • Contract an article I routinely write formal design , UX and entrepreneurship articles. Get into contact if you want to order one.
  • Pro-bono I am all about getting good design to people who need it. Have an independent project, charity, or sweet organization that needs web or design work? Call me, I’d love to help.
  • Speaking engagements. I have a bit of experience in this. If you would like to get me involved to speak at your event or conference, I am happy to do it for free. But, hotels and food are nice.
  • Personal Projects  ( Frontlines Books, Best Cast Ever, Designer Eats, SockDrop, Genius Themes, or Coffee Experiences. )
  • Potential design work. I work at HotelTonight full-time but I can usually help with certain types of web or design work, give me a call and we can talk.