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Wild Horses by Stefanie Lategahn - Downloaded from 500px

Stop talking about unicorns

In the digital design industry, a “unicorn” is a designer that can create identity, websites, web or application UI, user experience flows and studies as well as implement their work. …


We Design Memories

It’s surprising how bad people are in the memory department, at least in the details. It’s even more surprising given how we think we are awesome at remembering experiences, life, …



In physics, there’s a concept of inertia. It’s the idea that an object at rest stays at rest until acted upon by a force. The thing is, it’s not just …


Can we just stop? No visual style is right.

Why are we talking about this? Flat-Design,  Honest design, Skeuomorphism, Realism, Textured… Can we just stop? Over the past few months I have been seeing countless discussions, arguments and attacks …


High Road Ice Cream – A Study in Gestalt Branding

I would like to tell you a story of a company that gets it : Highly successful branding through gestalt thinking.

Hacker News

Hacker News Redesign – More Consumable.

I love Hacker News, it is my main source of tech news. But, I also hate reading it.


Design Books Suck

Learning is simply built into the human design. One of the basic tenets of our immune system is encountering pathogens and establishing a strengthened defense for the future. Studies have …

Youporn Logo

What online porn can teach us about users.

An age old guilty pleasure tells us volumes about what really drives users.


Work hard and love this shit.

A new commitment from such a simple phrase.